First-Time Homebuyer

Are you a first-time homebuyer? Ask me about the special programs that might be available to you.

Being in this business for many years, I’ve found one of the most satisfying part of my career is helping first-time homebuyers purchase that first home, no matter how big or small the purchase. As a former educator and coach, I enjoy educating my clients on the home buying process. I appreciate the concerns a first-time buyer may have in making such a significant commitment, and will always take the time to answer their questions and address their concerns so they will feel comfortable in their eventual decision. 

The first step in any home buying experience is to help the homebuyer determine how much they can afford to pay for a new home. This involves introducing them to a lender that can discuss the various financing options available. Or, for those who may require a little more help, I can introduce them to an organization that specifically helps those who may be looking for affordable housing options, and can help them with much of the preliminary steps required to establish a favorable credit rating and increase their buying power and/or ability to qualify for a loan.

After discussions with a lender, I work closely with the Buyer in determining their wants and needs in a home and piece that together with the price range established with their lender. We can then begin the search for a property, which I understand takes time, patience, and sometimes a lot of hand-holding, recognizing that each person is unique in how they go through the process. Some decide quickly, others need more time to look at several properties/neighborhoods before making a decision. Either way, I’ll do my best to make sure the Buyer is well informed/educated and put in a position to feel confident and satisfied with the eventual choice for their first home.

After the Buyer has decided on the property they want, I will help negotiate a purchase price on their behalf, including putting their offer in writing. Once we reach an agreement with the Seller of the property, we will open an escrow account and begin the due diligence phase of the purchasing process. I sometimes refer to this as entering the “Real Estate 101” phase in that there are numerous documents, that must be reviewed, digested and understood, as well as other steps (including a professional home inspection) that must be completed before the purchase can be finalized. I will guide the Buyer through this entire process, including writing up any sub-agreements and setting them up with different professionals/specialists, if necessary. I will be there with you for the entire process until the purchase is complete to your satisfaction.